Jason Tenenbown

About Me

Born in Houston, Texas. Live in Los Angeles, California. Happily married manchild.

Current Projects

TRADING CRADLES.COM – If you are a new parent this is an awesome service! It is a classified site that helps parents sell things their children outgrow. It is completely free and requires no registration. Posting takes 30 seconds. Just go there, pick your city, post something. You can share it on Facebook/Twitter, etc… from the site. And folks can benefit. I am co-founder and CEO.

AVOCADO.COM – Yucatan Foods makes the best pre-packaged Guacamole in the world. Really. They use produce quality hass avocados that are hand picked and scooped. They company has spent 20 years refining this process. I am working with them to market the Guac and we are currently building out Avocado.com… The digital home of the Avocado. Check out the etymology of this word. Follow Yucatan at facebook.com/yucatanfoods.com.

My Past

• Led marketing & business development at consumer entertainment and products companies.

About This Blog

People send me good articles. This is an aggregation of some of these articles that make me think of something. If you have any questions or want me to remove something, please feel free to contact me. I have attached sources and/or links so you and I both can reference the original. Once in a blue moon of kentucky I write my own.

My Contact Info

Cell: 323 702 0657

Email: jason@tradingcradles.com

Linkedin: http://bit.ly/tm32p

Fly Fishing: www.tinytrout.wordpress.com

Please reach out if you want to speak!


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