Maven of the Month – Neil Young

Here’s to the great Neil Young. A conversation that I had last night reminded me of Time Fades away and On The Beach, two albums that didn’t receive the attention of Neil’s more well-known works. When I was in college (in the pre-napster era), we had to search for the vinyl of Time Fades Away to hear it. I have read he used the first digital mixing sound board (early signs of a risk taker with technology) to his producers chagrin. And, though it sold well upon release, he is not a fan and the album has been buried. That said I think it is a gem.

So Greendale. This is story-based entertainment with Yoknapatawpha county element to it… A group of people and their plight taken across mulitple platforms. Wonderful stuff. Accompanying this album (the expected format) was a film by the same name. Neil – aka Bernard Shakey – has directed quite a few. In fact, he has a new one coming up called “Le Noise”. Check out the trailer on his website – (the home page is classic)

To me, something more interesting from a business perspective than the film, is the graphic novel. I like this sector. This is fast, visual storytelling. Because of cost to produce, self-publication, digital distribution, graphic novels are one of the more interesting businesses opportunities in the entertainment business. Kudos to Neil for going this direction. Not sure how the deal came about, but would love to know. I hope he took a “partner” approach with the writer and artist. Check it out  –

Would love to see a business article about Neil’s cross- platform approach to entertainment. The Lincvolt clean car topic could be addressed. If you find one, please send it my way.  Happy thanksgiving.


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